How To Wear A Scarf - 16 ways!

Learning how to wear a scarf isn't so hard...nope, it’s not. Though it may not come naturally to you to wrap something around your neck and wear it with confidence, it sure is an easy way to add some real pizzazz to your outfit.

Of course, the most obvious place and reason to wear a scarf is around your neck so that it can keep you warm in colder weather, and there are so many ways to tie, drape or wrap it in place, but we’ll get to those later in a great video - scroll down to see it now!

So, where else do you think you can wear your strip, triangle, square or tube of fabric?

How about…

  • …on or in your hair
  • …on your head
  • …around your torso/chest
  • …around your wrist
  • …around your waist
  • …around your hips
  • …or, even around your ankle

Great ideas? Sure! So, we’ve established where you can wear your scarf, now…what types of scarf can you think of?

Here are a few of my suggestions…

  • Bandana
  • Head scarf or head square
  • Buff
  • Large square scarf
  • Long rectangle scarf
  • Skinny scarf
  • Loop scarf or cowl
  • Winter scarf (knit, crochet, woven or fleece)
  • Hip Scarf
  • *Sarong
  • *Shawl
  • *Wrap

I know the last *3* listed aren’t officially scarves, but they’re really just a larger version of some of the same shapes of scarves and they can be worn in different ways, so I think it’s appropriate to cover those too!

Now, obviously, you may not want to wear a silk scarf in the same style you might want to wear a bulky knit scarf because of the large difference in thickness.

Also, the shape of the scarf will affect the way you can wear each piece – squares have to be worn or tied differently from long rectangles, and bandanas should be tied and worn differently from skinny scarves or loop scarves.

You'll see here in the video below how you can wear 4 different scarf styles each in 4 different ways - 16 scarf wearing ideas! Check them out!

Had you ever thought that scarves were such interesting accessories? No? Hopefully, now you’ll be considering more carefully how to wear a scarf and you’ll try out some of these cool ways to wear and display these simple but very versatile pieces of clothing. If you need even MORE inspiration, check out this other fascinating scarf tying video!

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