Infinity Scarves - Unending Neck Wear

Infinity scarves are popping up in the trendiest stores everywhere these days! Whether knitted, crocheted, or simply made from fabric their popularity is increasing in leaps and bounds. But, what exactly are infinity scarves?

Well, they're a style of scarf which that is formed into a single unending loop, hence the 'infinity' title. There are no rules here though - they can be long and skinny, or short and wide, or any combination in between. They tend to be constructed straight as a vertical tube, either seamed or seamless, or worked sideways with the ends joined together.

Make It

It is possible to construct this scarf with one or two twists within the loop too, and this technique is called the 'moebius'. It tends to have a reversible stitch pattern if crocheted or knitted, and is usually a longer piece due to the twists taking up some of the length.

Style It

Also called 'cowls' they're GREAT for keeping you warm without having to struggle with scarf ends blowing around, popping loose, or getting stuck in zippers. They can be worn in so many different ways, so we'll explore oodles of styling options from doubling and draping, to knotting and twisting, and maybe even adding some pins, brooches, and other ideas.

I'll be sure to add a spot where you can add your own feedback and ideas for styling the infinity scarves that you have at home. You'll also be able to show off your creations or different ways you've developed to wear your own pieces.

Wear It

So, what kind do you like? Would you rather wrap a long skinny infinity scarf many times around your neck - staggered like steps so it fills in the decollete like a bulky necklace? Or, how about a big loop of bulky knitting piled up to your ears to keep out the cold?

Here I'm going to show you all of the above. You'll discover how to knit or crochet a cowl, and maybe even how to design your own! I'll cover how you can make your own loop scarf by upcycling, using anything from t-shirts to old felted merino wool or cashmere sweaters.

Buy It

I'm also going to lead you to some great deals online where you can find some gorgeous finished pieces all ready to wear. Stay tuned for some fabulous options coming soon.

As I'm one of those folks who HAS to be making something, I tend to have a lot of finished pieces piling up. Accordingly, you may even find some finished loop scarves made by me, if you're lucky!

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